Sunday, July 01, 2007

spending Sunday with LibraryThing

LibraryThing Catalog your books online --I was reading around the blogs this morning when I stumbled across LibraryThing on Derek Arnold's a subset of derek. That was probably around 1030, and it's now more than 6 hours later, and I've had a ball. I've been dragging out all the books that are easy to reach and cataloguing them online. I'm listing only the ones I've read all the way through or use fairly often. The first 200 are on the house, and it's only $25 for a lifetime of reading and cataloguing after that. There is an intermediate annual plan as well, and a blog, where there's a contest going on for $1,000 worth of books.


  1. What a treasure . . . Library Thing is changing my life. So glad you like it too.

    I now know most of the books on my shelves - what a treat. I found that my friends have a lot of the same books. I can swap with people who have books I want. Way to Go!!

  2. I got over 170 just going through what we have in three rooms here. If I ever go to the attic, I'll have to extend the subscription. We also have about six tubs of books in the office I had to take off the shelves to get more room, and most of those are either reference books or already-read books. This is as much fun as a stamp, coin, or postcard collection, easily. It makes your piles and shelves and boxes of books manageable.