Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cool Community Forum sets ideas free

Ideas fly at forum about Medical Mart, funding ideas - Plain Dealer Metro News -- This was a really fine event at the downtown Cleveland Public Library auditorium; it's a marvelous place to work with the other members of your community in a free exchange of ideas and solutions. Roger Bundy live-blogs it. The PD's Rena Koontz gives a good recap:

More than three dozen people wanted to talk about the idea of a Medical Mart and the proposed .25 percent sales tax increase to fund it today at the Cleveland Public Library.

The public forum was sponsored by online newsletter and a group of local bloggers dedicated to open public discourse.

The good news for Dennis Roche, president of the
Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland, is that the consensus seemed to be that Cleveland needs development such as the one on the table. If done right, it could be a good thing for the city.

The burning issue is the method of funding a new convention center, which could cost $375 million or more.

A podcast and transcript of today's meeting will be posted at, and



  1. It would have been great if the transcript had been posted prior to the live-blog. Blogs, by nature of what they are, are rarely unbiased.

  2. Live blogging is just that--live. Podcasts are recorded, processed, and then posted. Do we have a transcript on this one? I do know that Gloria and I sent in our flipchart notes as "Issues" and as "Questions and Comments," but we didn't get around to that until Saturday.

    Do you have any ideas on how we can have streaming audio in a setup like we had in the auditorium?