Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the three sources of power: time, energy, & money

simple•ology : The Simple Science of Getting What You Want -- I'm reading a couple of books by Mark Joyner these past few weeks. The latest is simple•ology, published by John Wiley & Sons in 2007. In an adjunct, on-line companion to the book, Joyner points out that there are, quite simply, three sources of power: time, energy, and money.

Tonight, we're assembling at Webtego's offices in the ArtCraft Building to spend our time and energy questioning the probity of the demolition of the Breuer Tower, and the subsequent construction of a smaller building designed by a lesser talent. Early indications are that there are going to be a good number of professionals and experts present. (For details, follow this link to Peter Lawson Jones will appear. Jimmy DiMora won't. He's sending in his stead the Cuyahoga County Green Queen, a lady with a hyphenated last name and not a whole lot of visible credentials. Tim Hagan has not replied--he hides behind a lot of sassbox gatekeepers (also paid for by all of us, by the way) and can't really be held responsible personally for anything. It seems that Jimmy and Tim don't see the value of engaging in an open and transparent public dialogue on the topic; even though they're on our payroll (supposedly, "we the people" are their biggest source of income, and they are engaged by us to serve the public interest), they don't see fit to spend time and energy explaining their plans to us, but they certainly feel free to spend our money on a binge of reckless buying, wrecking, and reconstructing.

What I'm getting around to is the fact that we all ought to be highly indignant that not only are they spending our public money foolishly, but they're also hijacking our time and our energy, wasting our sources of power until we get to the point where we figure we've expended enough of our own finite assets fighting our own government, and then they'll do what they want to do. They'll wear us down, wait us out, keep us in the dark, and suddenly say, oops, we didn't know we'd have cost overruns, but what the heck, it's a done deal and we have to finish what we started.

Let's change things around here. The fact that you can't trust your government is one of the big reasons nobody wants to come here to do business. This applies both to the city and the county. We need to make a big change, and we need to do it now. We need to take our money back, and our time, and our energy. We need to harness our public servants to do what's in our best interests, to save our time and energy by executing our mandates. We need to turn it around on them. They are employed to serve us, the public, and not the unions and the construction companies, not the banks and the issuers of bonds, and certainly not the owners of the landfills and the would-be operators of new landfills.

If you're interested in the Joyner material, here's the instruction from the cover page of his Virtuosity Book:

This book is intended to be distributed as part of simple•ology 101 to authorized members only. It must be used in conjunction with the simple•ology 101 Assigned Targets. Distribution is prohibited.

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