Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Denise delivers a wake-up call--another strong voice emerging

Save Our Land: Losing Our History: You need to read the whole thing, about the emerging pattern of fraud and abuse. Denise nails it. About the only thing we don't have here is a recounting of how Allega, under contract, ripped the bridge's cantilevered sidewalk and gutter system off the bridge and accelerated it's surface decay, hastening they day when they thought they would get to pour more concrete. It's a hurt-and-rescue story that needs telling, in detail, even though they're now supposedly barred from doing work in the city (another "joke," perhaps?). We need to start talking about restitution. We need to start taking our money back. There's a pattern here, and Denise is onto it.
"The Fulton Road Bridge has been destroyed. Breuer Tower is on the destruction list. Other significant buildings downtown are endangered, if ODOT pursues its current plan for the Innerbelt.


We who have been labeled the poorest city in America are losing our hard-earned dollars hand-over-fist to bogus projects our government and agencies have cooked up. Not only that, but we are becoming ever poorer in terms of our historic infrastructure and heritage"

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