Tuesday, May 08, 2007

+im running a fever lately

I've been sort of out of sorts, more than usual, since last Tuesday, having a return visit from the malady called bursitis the likes of which I haven't experienced in 40 years. One of the collateral benefits is the fever when it all goes up for grabs.

Friday, a young lady and I were discussing the Cleveland+ campaign, and I remarked that I was becoming inured to and even a bit fond of it, especially minus the Cleveland portion. I also told her of my new affectation of spelling my name "+im" to show that every day, in every way, I was a true believer, and certifiably so.

She then asked me how I pronounced that, and the fever said, "Plus, I am," which gave me an immediate Old-Testament flashback and imbued the whole scene with an importance far beyond the actuality.

Later, Dr. Seuss and "Sam I am/Green eggs and ham" tried to creep into the dialogue, but the concept wasn't sententious enough, so the fever and I dismissed it.

I'm hoping I'm recovering, and grateful that I have the t's to work with. So many don't.

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  1. Feel better. I know the feeling...same problem a lot of us suffer from here in Cleveland +