Thursday, May 24, 2007

CVB can't find many events to promote

Event Finder--at the link here is the Events page of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland. The title of the orgnization is nearly longer than the list of events--5 through September. I see no links for expanded lists. I see no links to things like CoolCleveland, or, or many of the local curiosities. To the casual browser, the Cleveland portrayed by the CVB looks boring. There's no mention of the Ingenuity Festival, the Burning River Fest, or any of the unique things that distinguish us from other cities. I wonder where Cleveland is on the radar of meeting planners?

The 2005 form 990 available through Guidestar for this 501(c)(6) nonprofit monster shows $7.1 million being fed into its gaping maw; what do we ever see come out? Carry the metaphor as far as you want. Talk amongst yourselves. What links and lists do should we, and the meeting planners, be seeing for the vibrant Cleveland+?

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