Wednesday, August 16, 2006

OneCleveland, what have you done for us lately?

Google Says It Has No Plans for National Wi-Fi Service - New York Times
Steve Goldberg and Bill Callahan are helping us with making our neighborhood, Archwood-Denison, a.k.a. Brooklyn Centre, a Wi-Fi paradise. Gosh, would I like to have a setup like Mountain View, poof, just like that, just because we were there. Around here, we have to do it ourselves. We can't afford to wait around on our government, our nonprofits and foundations, or our local big businesses. What has OneCleveland done for any of us lately? From my point of view, it's all talk, no action, and "business as usual" in a town where most of us go nowhere, because we wait on promises to materialize, and they don't. It's time to shake a few things loose.

...Competitive Internet access has been a crucial issue for Google’s executives, who have jousted publicly with telephone and cable industry companies that have threatened to charge content providers for access to networks. The debate has extended to Washington, where Google and its allies have called for regulators and legislators to ensure what proponents call “Net neutrality.”
“I think there wouldn’t be a Net neutrality debate in this country if we really had a competitive environment for access,” said Chris Sacca, a Google executive who heads special initiatives for the company. “The Internet is not pervasive as it could be, or democratic....”

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