Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Judge Peter Corrigan tackles the task of riding herd on the ‘tards

It seems Judge Corrigan finds the current administration as big an embarrassment as the rest of us do, and he can do something about it before election time rolls around. The $900,750 fine should be borne by those who incurred it, our elected and hired help, and not the general fund. We have to start recovering money from them on a personal basis, and not funding their failed attempts at gangsterism out of dollars that should be benefiting all of us.

Penalties and fines need to be specifically and particularly attached to the miscreants, the mayors and their staffs. We must strip away the protections that hitherto have enabled their violating the law with impunity. There must be a personally assessed price for the practices of “cronyism and corruption.”

Judge, City Hall clash over civil service ruling - Metro - cleveland.com


  1. Tim -

    Thanks for the link.

    Judge Corrigan told me yesterday that the $900,750 fine will be administered by the special master, who will take his pay from the fine and then use the money to help the city hire civil service examiners. Corrigan says the reason Cleveland has not been in compliance is because the city doesn't have enough examiners.

    See more at the end of this blog post: http://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/index.ssf/2009/04/once_again_cleveland_officials.html

  2. Henry, I'm always glad to pitch in, in the fight to restore truth, justice, and The American Way.