Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dan Gilbert of the Cavs and other Ohio casino backers hire troubled California firm Arno Political Consultants

We’ve said “no!” to these clowns on numerous occasions, yet here they come again, using the same dishonest signature-collection firm as before. Anybody who has listened to the signature-gatherers misrepresentations with regard to gambling issues knows that there should be a law requiring them to tell the truth, but in this political climate, there are few standards.

It’s time to view Dan Gilbert in a different light, entirely. This is not a good-neighbor gesture, to attempt to inflict this fraudulent campaign on the community once again. We really don’t need bread and circuses, we really don’t need the underground economies that casinos bring with them, and we really don’t need any more low-paying no-skills-required part-time jobs. We also don’t need any more loans. Think about it.

The Ohio casino plan is being backed by Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert and Penn National Gaming, a casino operating company based in Pennsylvania.

The plan would require a rewrite of Ohio's constitution to allow casinos in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo, if approved by voters. But to get on the ballot, the casino committee first must collect 402,275 signatures of valid Ohio voters by the end of June.

Ohio casino backers hire troubled California firm Arno Political Consultants - Metro - cleveland.com


  1. there should be a law requiring [signature collectors] to tell the truthActually, there is. Section 3519.05 of the Ohio Revised Code states:

    Immediately following the text of the proposed amendment must appear the following form:

    “I, ........., declare under penalty of election falsification that I am the circulator of the foregoing petition paper [...] and that the electors signing this petition did so with knowledge of the contents of same. [...]

    Whether anyone would actually be prosecuted for election falsification ...

  2. Hmmm ... Apparently comments are not what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Insert carriage returns between the words in "truthActually" and "DEGREE.'Whether."

  3. It's a joke.
    The only reason Gilbert is getting serious attention is because the Cavs are winning.
    I saw a comment on cleveland.com that said (paraphrased): 'Dan Gilbert has proven he's a winner with the Cavs, so why don't our politicians just listen to him.'
    What? Are you serious? <---Me asking incredulously.
    A Casino is a bad idea. A very bad idea for the city, and nothing good will ever come of it. Only Dan Gilbert would benefit from it.