Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am now a member of The Social Media Club - Cleveland

Well, here's another interesting proposition, following up on my progression through Linked In, Facebook, and Plaxo. I am still curious as to how to value these media, and this seems to be trying to be something along the lines of the Uber-Network.

I'm still for some reason grateful that I never got more involved in MySpace. It continues to disturb me.

My Page - Social Media Club - Cleveland


  1. Welcome to the SMC, Tim. At first the club looked to me like a monthly party, but they've begun directing the available energies. One of their goals is to create a new industry in Cleveland: social media companies. For example, there's a company here that provides social networking services tailored to the needs of medical doctors.

    There's going to be an eBook soon - the deadline for chapter drafts is tomorrow. Take a look.

  2. Those doctors need social media--they work like animals and don't have a lot of time to arrange a personal or social life. I'm glad I flunked chemistry freshman year and busted out of pre-med. I have had a life, and continue to do so.