Thursday, February 05, 2009

erasaing the digital divide, playing in Cleveland February 13th

Our friend Hershel Daniels down in Cincinnati left this tidbit for us on Facebook, and I thought I share here to give it some advance notice:

"At the Cleveland National Capacity Building Symposium we will talk about broadband and our ability to implement a best practices methodology that creates a means to erase the digital divide in the America's, Africa and Asia - from a Ohio based headquarters.

Technology Theme: Enforcement and Regulation of Broadband: A history and a future

"We will propose a National Building Program for broadband that can be implemented over the next 18 months, if we act wisely, in unity, within a regulatory environment that follows the letter, as well as the spirit, of the law where we [through the digital universe as Americans] will oversee the peoples government [at all levels] investment in its people, fairly based on successes and failures as we erase the digital divide."

This symposium is to be held at the Louis Stokes Telecommunications Center at the Cuyahoga Community College main campus on 13 Feb. 2009. Drop by and or send us your policy and or technical paper on broadband in America."

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  1. The National Capacity
    Building Symposium [Session II]

    “Enforcement and Regulation”
    A Retrospective & Best Practices Identification Symposium

    This symposium is to be held at the
    Cuyahoga Community College
    Unified Technologies Center

    Friday 13th 2009, Cleveland, Ohio 9:00 AM - 4:00PM.


    The National Fairness Campaign will review past political agreements and governing compacts and their relationship to the social, economic development environment under an Obama Presidency. The Fairness Campaign will also identify and address historic moral gaps by examination of the Office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, Setasides, Affirmative Access, Diversity, Inclusion, New Markets Tax Credits, Business Development Programs, Empowerment Zones, Model Cities, CDBG, DOL Workforce Development Grants, Community Action Agencies, Structures, Approaches, and delivery systems for Opportunity[s] and Capacity Building. .

    Among the issues to be reviewed -
     War On Poverty: Community Action Agencies, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964,, Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966 (Model Cities), Civil Rights Act of 1964, Civil Rights Act of 1968
     Black Capitalism, Philadelphia Plan, Selected Contractors Strategy & Construction Apprenticeship Programs
     Executive Order 8802 Fair Employment Practices and follow-on actions
     Public Law 95-507 and modifications
     Ohio House Bill 584 Set Aside and its descendants such as EDGE
     The Small Business Investment Act and Minority capitalization programs such as Specialized SBIC’s [MSBIC’S]
     Small Business Administration (SBA) and other business economic and technical assistance programs
     CETA, New Careers, Jobs Corps, Military Service, Peace Corp, Vista
     Renewal Communities, Empowerment Zones
     National and Regional Purchasing Councils
     Positive capacity building pass-throughs, joint ventures, and mentor protégés
     Non capacity building pass-throughs, fronts, and joint ventures
     Troubled Assets Relief Program[s] and proposed economic recovery solutions at levels of government