Friday, March 16, 2007

everything that rises must converge

InformationWeek Weblog: Travel Tools That Let You Leave The Laptop Behind -- Mary Flannery O'Connor gave us the phrase "everything that rises must converge" years ago, and today we see it in action. Here's a great article about crossovers and synergies. Especially slick is the click-through to GrandCentral and the fact that the New York TIMES is now following InformationWeek leads, and with as little as a 6-week lag. The GrandCentral blog talks about today's "David Pogue impact", as well.

I just signed up for the GrandCentral beta, which gives no-charge full-featured access to the entire service. Moreover, after the beta period ends, GrandCentral promises some level of on-going free access. Check it out. It can give added levels of functionality--recording, screening, archiving, messaging, another email--even to those who have only one line.

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