Monday, October 16, 2006

the PD: in the advance party

Learn and Earn: Yes--This is a disappointing endorsement, but not unexpected--I can pretty much look forward to being let down by our one local newspaper.

I always thought the proliferation of whores and the underground economy came about after the honky-tonks were in place, but apparently the editors of THE PLAIN DEALER (time for a name change?) and the members of The Greater Cleveland Partnership are in the advance party.

They've already sold themselves, and now they want to sell you out, too, and put your kids and grandkids to work for them in the underground economy, where all the real money goes to only 9 entities, and the state, and they want to change your constitution to do it. They think we're really dumb and hard up and will jump at anything to bail ourselves out. They've helped put us in the position we are today, and now they are poised to enslave us forever, offering a pittance to educate only a few of our kids.

This whole situation is shameful. Read the proposed amendment itself. Vote your conscience.

This gangsterism forcing gambling into our economy will do untold permanent harm to our state. If it passes, the poor get poorer, the middle class get poorer, and only 9 entities and the state get any positive long-term economic benefit at all.