Monday, October 16, 2006

armchair voting

I just voted yesterday, Sunday, by absentee ballot, and I do believe this is the wave of the future. If everybody likes the convenience as much as I do, standard polling places should be a thing of the past within the space of a few election cycles.

I was able to ponder my decisions without pressure--I had to go nowhere in particular and nobody was waiting behind me in line--and I was even able to leave a few choices blank and double back on them after I conferred with my wife. We're tired of canceling each other's vote needlessly. On a few issues, we tried together to make sense of the verbiage of the issue. Be advised and forewarned that the two smoking issues are confusing, and one is a full-blown amendment.

I was also able to savor voting for my favorites--it just felt good to be taking the time to completely fill in the oval space with my ballpoint pen, and it had a salutary effect much like coloring. I love armchair voting.

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