Monday, May 18, 2009

a privately owned convention center, of all things

I’ve just returned from a 4-day stay in Dayton, Ohio, at the Hamvention. As a side note and disclaimer, I am not a ham, but found the trip an interesting excursion in the field of American Studies.

Besides the crowd itself, another very interesting thing was that the huge convention center complex used by the Hamvention is privately held, owned by a family. They are making a go of it without the help of the imposition of an earmarked county sales tax or the self-proclaimed expertise of the Kennedy family. It makes me wonder why nobody in these parts has proposed that the medical community here take care of their own business and their own MedicalMart, with their own money.

Hara Arena Information
Home to the Dayton Hamvention since 1964, The Hara Complex is as unique as its history. In 1956, Wampler Ballarena (a dance hall) was built as the cornerstone of what is now a 6-building exhibition center. Originally, the location was a thriving, family-owned fruit orchard. Today it is a thriving, family-owned entertainment, conference and exhibition facility. Very few such complexes are privately owned, even fewer are family owned. Hara has survived and prospered by combining the professionalism of one of the areas largest exhibition centers with the care and personal concern of a family business. It is a unique combination that serves our clients and patrons well.

A MedicalMarijuanaMart concept ought to have them tripping all over themselves to be the first Pfizer of natural and organic products, Mother Nature’s little helpers, swashbuckling capitalist ganja buccaneers. / Media


  1. Uh Tim... I thought we ALL asked why the Kennedys weren't interested in financing this panacea of economic bliss on their own, but I digress -
    Oh, now that I've clicked through I see it's about amateur radio, damn I was looking forward to an event devoted to nothing but cured pork product!

  2. It never hurts to ask again. I don't remember any sustained asking in the first place, so let's try again. Did anybody ask in public, or was it all quiet, refined, subdued, designed so as not to offend or show rudeness. We'd hate to frighten them off with boorish behavior. We'd hate to be impolite.

  3. that last comment was Tim's, not mine--I signed in on his computer, and he impersonated me accidentally

    no, we are not the same person

  4. That's what Michael and Janet Jackson say, but have you ever seen both of them in the same place at the same time?
    Of course I have seen the two of you together. Damn there goes another good conspiracy theory...

  5. not lately, you haven't...we ought to do some catching up, the three of us...

  6. Good to hear that there is one privately owned Convention which contains all the things. Thanks for sharing such a great article here in this site.