Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ferris’ New Website – for Apartments!

My cousin Rick sent this to me in a batch this afternoon, and I wanted to post it here for posterity, for when he's richer and more famous.

Indeed, it IS a jungle out there, and now you can rent through a local NEO broker.

Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2009 3:50 PM
Subject: Ferris' New Website – for Apartments!

Dear Friend,

I need your help! I have been working on a new internet startup with my business partner, Jon Pastor. The site is an apartment search engine (like Google) that scours the internet for every apartment listing in the U.S. (unlike Google, we specialize in apartment search only). We organize the results in a simple, powerful map/results page. We have ~1 million listings, which is 5x our closest competitor, and we just launched this week.

Please check it out at I would really appreciate your feedback and comments. In fact, if you're on Facebook, please become a fan of our Facebook page at and post a comment.

The map interface is particularly useful, try:

So if you, your kids, parents, friends or relatives are in the market for an apartment, please give it a try:

Thanks, I appreciate it, and please share your thoughts with me,

Rick Ferris


  1. Hi Rick/Tim:

    My name is Tricia and I am a Realtor and blogger in Cleveland. I think this site is absolutely fantastic and I plan to add it to my "Favorite Dishes" link list on my site. I don't know how you made it work, but it's wonderful--so user-friendly! I love how it lists both the apartments and the rental properties being offered by individual owners. I'd like to write something about it for my blog. Please contact me via my site so I can get some more information from you to include.

    Also, please visit my site for free Cleveland (and a US-wide) giveaways each and every Friday.
    Tricia Chaves

  2. I have been living in rented apts for 20 years in the cleveland area so I went and looked at the site. It's not very helpful at first glance because you aren't able to specify a "part" of town and instead have to search by city. is set up the way I would search - once you dig down through ohio to Cleveland, you search by "area" of town - downtown, E side, W side, SE side, SW side, any or all of those via checkbox. Then you can further limit your selection by amenities/size. I wouldn't use this new site over

  3. I think if you have to stay more than 5 years at one place than to have rental home is costly.You can afford loans and when leave sell it.
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