Saturday, January 24, 2009

From RICK FERRIS- Sequoia Realty Market Update e-Newsletter

I got this today from my cousin Rick and thought I'd share it. It's about choice. Somehow, too, it reminded me of the Irish patriot Michael Collins and his espousal of  the more aggressive " right to refuse":

Choose Your Attitude for a Positive 2009

For this issue of our newsletter, I wanted to share an important reminder on attitude. I received this from Michael McAllister, President of The CE Shop, a provider of continuing education. He touches on several critical points that shape our personal futures:

  • · We each choose our thoughts and attitude
  • · Remember to focus on where we want to go
  • · Talk about the good news in the market
  • · Which will we choose: feeling happy or down?

These apply to all of our businesses—and everyday interactions—not just real estate sales. I hope that you benefit as much from Michael’s article as I have. Here it is.

“…One of the many gifts we have to give ourselves at any time is the gift of choice. The ability to choose our thoughts and attitudes is a gift worth more than anything tangible. As we change our thoughts to those focused on where we want to go, supported by positive news, we can change our businesses and our lives for the better. This sounds kind of corny but stay with me, as this isn’t just a “feel good” idea but rather a potential revenue generating concept.

As I am traveling the country, I listen closely to a variety of industry participants from agents, brokers, lenders and REALTOR Association staff and executives. I find it no coincidence that the positive comments are coming from those that have been in the industry for many years; this is NOT the first challenging marketing they have witnessed. They exude a strong sense of what is good and talk about the good things going on in the market. Follow their lead and stay positive, focusing on the good news you hear, and let that momentum carry you and your business forward.

If someone gave you permission to feel good or bad, which would you choose? Notice that I say “choose”. Much of life is a choice; the results we get in our lives are a choice. This concept is easy and meets with little resistance during good times when deals are flowing. If deals aren’t flowing for you right now, choose different thoughts. Don’t be fooled, thinking positive is not enough, follow those thoughts through with thoughtful, consistent, client value/focused action.

Positive, inspired thought followed by thoughtful, consistent, client value/focused action is powerful beyond measure. People like to be around those who are positive, so if you find yourself feeling less than positive, consciously make the shift and watch how things change.”

My best wishes to you and yours in this holiday season and let’s make 2009 an excellent year together!



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