Friday, November 02, 2007

doing the math for halloween

We had a fairly light turnout of kids here in Cleveland, near the zoo, this past Wednesday evening. We bought $38 worth of candy for the trick-or-treaters this year and gave it out at 3 pieces per kid; we still wound up with about 1/3rd of it left over. Doing the math, at 12 bags times 18 pieces per bag divided by 3 pieces per kid, times 66%, it seems we served about 46 kids and had enough candy left over for at least two days of gut-wrenching dietary supplement, including Reese's peanut butter cups, Kit-Kat, Baby Ruth, Milky Way, Butterfinger, and Snickers

Our daughter in Knoxville reports a scant 4 trick-or-treaters; the Savannah contingent, that gave out ramen last year, about 30; our UPS lady Joanne from Berea reports 17, and further notes that they were too meek, or not as raucous as they ought to be. Our kids were more polite than ever. Some asked if it was OK to pick what they really wanted, even if it was three of one kind. Others picked three and made a point of showing us they had adhered to the limit.

If we get $25 worth next year, that should do it. Then, as a contingency plan on the back end, if we run out, we can give away dollars, and shut down by 8:00 PM, before the word spreads.


  1. i'm telling you dad, big lots is where it's AT for buying name brand candy. i got regular sized bags for less than $2. needless to say, we still overbought and will probably be eating peanut butter cups for the rest of the week.

    and i only handed out ramen to the kids not wearing costumes and who were at least 14! geez, im not a total halloween scrooge!

  2. Bridge Avenue just isn't Mapledale.

    Last year I was served by 430+ trick-or-treaters.

    This year it was a bit over 100.

    --Some Guy on Bridge

  3. Remarkable. Where you at on Bridge? Our friends Tom and Kathleen are over there across from the center or whatever it is called, at Randall. They're the first in-town contacts I had when I returned here from Georgia. The PD ran an article on them, probably around 1978. I think they moved in in 1976.