Sunday, November 04, 2007

Disney plans Ratatouille's next iteration, Ratvioli, to be filmed in Cleveland

YouTube - Ratatouille trailer 2

The latest Disney opus, Ratatouille, about a young rat-chef living within the walls of a famous Paris bistro, is rumored to have a successor film already in the can: Ratvioli!

This next production is also about a rat-chef, Ratatouille's maternal great-great-great grandfather, and he is a Cleveland rat from Murray Hill who tells Ettore Boiardi the secret to killer rat-violi meat filling, back during the Depression, and saves the East Side from vegetarianism.

Rumor also has it that Cleveland writer John Ettorre, although mum at this point, has an obscure family connection and is working with words to craft the original screenplay, perhaps even before filming begins in a deserted warehouse off Cleveland's Train Avenue next spring.


  1. I hope Mom does not know about this sequel....

  2. I ran it by her, and she seems a lot more resilient than she was back in the fall of 1983. We did have some fun with our bachelor-and-the-kid lifestyle, didn't we?

  3. This made me chuckle. No, despite being an occasional rat myself, and of course loving any kind of food that doesn't move, I can't say I'll be involved in this one.

  4. John, take heart, have faith, don't despair of being involved, and remember, the cool hand prevails!

    They just haven't approached you yet; this is still top-secret; you never know who might hijack it. Watch your mailbox for the next exciting screenplay offer; they're going to try to appear to be nonchalant and send things by snail mail, since they know any UPS or FEDEX will be intercepted and stolen; this is a hot property, nearly too hot for this town. Your ship's about to come in! Please don't move to Hollywood when Rat-violi makes you richer, and even more famous. Look what happened to that Joe (Polly) Esterhaus (??) (what's-his-name?) character. Where is he now?