Thursday, October 11, 2007

deeply unstructured, and everybody's everything

LibraryThing: Common Knowledge: Social cataloging arrives -- Click the link to the left here to see the evolving philosophy behind this fascinating LibraryThing, and its "nearly infinite cross-linking of data". My own modest compilation is in the sidebar, to the right.

We're back from our annual Southern Tour and will be working back into the Cleveland community soon.


  1. that is ALL you have to say about your dirty south road trip '08?!

  2. No.

    My impressions and comments will reveal themselves over time, here and on the Save Our Land blog.

    Patience, little one.

  3. Welcome home, both of you. Missed you. More work to be done...

  4. hello bloggers! do me a favor please -- vote to retain judge marilyn cassidy on the cleveland municipal court. she's the best candidate.

  5. Jeff, we're getting back into the swing of things. We just finished the taxes yesterday and are now getting down to business, and then to the business of the community. This has been a quick year, and we must time-block vigorously for its remainder.