Wednesday, February 14, 2007

REALNEO moving forward

Welcome to the real neo organization! REALNEO for all--Norm was off the air for a few days recently, and now we know the reason why. He and Jeff are transitioning the site to the next level. Have a look. Join up. I've always thought this Drupal site is so beautiful, and the registration requirement, although irksome to me, is well worth the effort.


  1. Thanks for the update news Tim.
    My back is killing me. Luckily, Union Avenue was snowed under Habitat’s offices under the siege of drifts, so Jeffrey stayed home to help me dig out. I cannot believe our postman came all the way to the porch in this. What's worse is he delivered junk mail -- the stuff I have had to work again to get eliminate. The dogs (we have 2 Shepard mutts) love the shoveling time. They run free in the yard while we toil. Today they had a special treat -- a neighbor cat, "Marmalade", joined the party, swaying to and fro in the branches of the big Yew next to the porch as the dogs tried in vain to climb the snowy bush. A frosty time was had by all. This just isn’t Florida, is it?

  2. No, this isn't Florida...yet. I thought for a while there that the global warming had accelerated, and we had become the New Miami.